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Who are we?

We are a Thai brand specializing in Organic Skin Care & Aromatherapy, with over 24 years of experience and the largest presence in Thailand.

That's not what matters.

What truly matters is that we are a brand that embraces nature, 
bringing everyone together as one, regardless of gender, race, religion, language, 
or culture, that we call “Natural Connect People”

What is Natural Connect People?

"Natural Connect People" is our belief that nature never separates us, 
and we are a brand that uses natural, organic ingredients, Thai culture, 
and the smiles of Thai people to connect people worldwide through our products,
 enhancing their quality of life and happiness.

As for "Natural Connect People" in your country, 
it signifies the natural power of human connection, 
fostering community and sustainable, creative, and meaningful social 
connections through a friendly and eco-friendly environment.

Moving forward, we won't be selling products.

We appreciate your liking our highly effective products, 
but for us, nature and the best organic manufacturing are our DNA. 
It's like when you go to a restaurant, deliciousness and cleanliness 
are things every place must have, 
and for sure...we will make it the best organic personal care.

"In the future, we will be selling experiences, culture, problem-solving, happiness,
 and thoughtfulness. We will be sharing the good stories that exist in Thailand,
 with our excellent products serving as a bridge to our customers."

Business and Global Sustainability

"If a cow on a farm produces manure,
and that manure ferments at the right temperature, 
it can create methane gas.
Everyone has a part in impacting the world, both positively and negatively. 
What we know is that in everything we do in our business, 
we will minimize our impact on the world, and we will be a catalyst for improvement through our activities. "Natural Connect People"

Our Brand Story

Therefore, he decided to name his brand by combining two words: “Phu(khao)” (mountains) and “Tawan” (the sun). As mountains signifies a stability and the sun signifies the great power of the nature, the meaning of “Phutawan” is the great power from the nature that stabilizes life and soul.

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