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Shipping and delivery

Shipping from the warehouse
The company will deliver the product

Monday – Friday from 9.00 am – 3.00 pm.
Saturday, 8.00 am. – 10.00 am.
The company will ship the item within 24 hours of completion of the order. (Only on business days excluding public holidays) with fast, safe and efficient transportation

Delivery time
If the order is within 4.00 PM (Time in Thailand) work days, the delivery time will be 3 days in Bangkok (of the next day) and 3-5 days in the metropolitan area and the provinces. (Of the next day) (excluding holidays)

Shipping Service & service charge

Orders below 500 baht, delivery fee is 50 baht / time
Orders over 500 Baht (weight not more than 2 kg) Free Shipping registered form (if more than 2 kg will ship free of charge)
If customer wants to choose express delivery (EMS), the system will calculate the actual weight. The customer is responsible for the extra cost
Outside Thailand

The parcel air will be an additional cost. Before making a decision to place an order

How to Check and monitor delivery status?
After shipping, customers will receive a confirmation email followed by a delivery email. Customers can check the delivery status from this number. By clicking on “Track Order”.

If the customer does not receive confirmation email, or status as “Delivered goods” but have not received the goods or “return the company”. Please contact us by email or phone.

Email :

Phone : (+66)2-756-7170

Line@ : @phutawanshop

In case of delayed delivery
If the order is completed after 3:00 pm, the shipment will be delivered the next day.

Delayed delivery may result due to :

Some products with orders may not be enough.
Incomplete payment confirmation process
The recipient’s address information is unclear or incomplete.
No recipient at the specified location.
Force Majeure from Transportation
In case of order, payment is not available.
In some cases after payment, if the product is not complete, the company will notify customers by phone or email. Customers can request the following actions.

Wait until the product has reached the number. The company will reschedule all of them and send them again.
Discard some items that are not available. The company will transfer money back to customers in the list of goods not reached.
Cancel all products: The company will transfer all the money back to the customer in full amount.
We sincerely hope that every product sent from the company to the customer is up to the highest standards and meets the customer’s needs. In some cases, mistakes may occur, such as defective items or faulty shipments. The company will work with the customer to correct any problems. The customers can request a new product or a full refund

Returns & Exchanges

“1. Contact the company within 7 days after receipt of the goods (the date of receipt of goods) if the product is defective or damaged in delivery. Include proof of damage such as photos, documents, orders and receipts, etc. The company can be contacted via email. or contact 02-756-7170 or Line@ : @phutawanshop

2. The company will send the form to fill in the information to improve the order

3. Attach the form in no. 2 with return goods by registered mail or EMS to customer relations. Phutawan Herb & Cosmetics Co., Ltd. 918 Moo 2, Samut Prakan 10270. Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer.

4. The company will inform the customer within 3 working days (after receiving the product) and the operation will be corrected within the next 7 working days. Total duration after receipt of goods and the form No. 2 is 10 working days.

5. The company reserves the right to change the product. Only shipping in Thailand.”


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