Aroma Reed Diffuser


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Transform your ordinary room into a peaceful pasture of tranquility. Exquisitely blended to diffuse into any room in the house, creating a wonderful and serene ambiance.

with Reed Diffuser Premium from Essential Oil...

  • Sun-filled: Let the refreshing Sun-filled scents of citrus oils (lemon, bergamot and orange) awaken your inner ambitions, giving you the clarity to focus on your goals and find balance with your mind and body.
  • Cloud-Kissed: Bring balance back into your life with the spring-fresh scent of blue chamomile oil, infused with basil and peppermint oils to help regenerate your mind and body, becoming stronger by the day.
  • Grassland: Imagine yourself in the middle of lush Grassland, where the gentle aromas of lemongrass and pepper awaken your inner power, free your mind, and strengthen the body. The subtle undertone of vetiver is added to help you focus on what the day will hold.
  • Summer Wind: The wind-swept scent of lavender softens the troubles of the day, creating a space for you unwind and let your body and mind heal, ready for a new beginning.
  • Bright: Let the Bright aroma of tea tree and rosemary take the worries of the day away, allowing you to rest your mind and focus on what’s ahead, while your thoughts and memories become clear and your imagination runs wild.
  • Moonlight: The aroma of flowers, such as rose and geranium, transform your space in a place of elegance and class. Add some glamour to your life with this wonderfully fragrant scent.
  • Earthy: Escape the chaos of the world with this Earthy scent, with the grounding aroma of Cedarwood and Frankincense. Bring yourself back to nature, increase mindfulness, and let your mind clear.

Keep away from heat or open flame / Do not allow oil to come into contact with furniture, as it may damage furnished surfaces. / Avoid contact with eyes / Avoid contact with skin. Rinse thoroughly with soapy water if contact occurs / Do not ingest / Keep away from children and pets / May be harmful or fatal if swallowed.

Water, Dipropylene Glycol


Weight 1 kg

Bright, Cloud-Kissed, Earthy, Grassland, Moonlight, Summer Wind, Sun-Filled


200 ml