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Thai Wisdom’s Beauty

This series bring you back in time to the ancient Thai beauty secrets, using herbal extracts from the tropical forests to nurture skin and hair for centuries. Documented in poems and literature, our series lets you experience products that emulate the true essence of daily life in Thailand. Additionally, it's a 100% VEGAN line, free from animal-derived ingredients and testing.

These herbs, which you can use just like the Thai people did in the past and are still used by locals in various regions today, will enable everyone to experience the authentic Thai nourishing value. Through the beautiful way of life and culture of ancient Thailand, they will make you appreciate the beauty of this land, no matter you are in the world.

Vegan Product

A vegan product doesn’t use animal ingredients or involve animal testing. It prioritizes plant-based components and eco-friendliness, minimizing harm to all living things and promoting awareness of production impacts. It avoids animal-derived substance and testing cruelty.

Phutawan Tropical Serie

This series offers beauty products that emphasize cruelty-free beauty. It uses Thai tropical forest extracts and botanicals to enhance skin and hair without animal-derived components or animal testing, ensuring moisture without cruelty.

With the intention and understanding of the concept of maintaining beauty without harm, the products in Phutawan Tropical Serie are a good starting point in a society that understands and appreciates the value of beauty, especially for harm and emphasis. Maintaining a healthy relationship with nature

Fresh Oriental


Regain the feeling of instant freshness and vitality after using Tropical herbs. From kaffir lime, lemongrass, and Thai lime combined with various essential oils that blend seamlessly, it also helps to reawaken energy, revitalize hair, and restore skin to a fresh and radiant state, reminding you of the good times during the Thai summer.

Botanical Delight


Hair and skin face daily exposure to sunlight and pollution. Revitalize and nurture them with tropical herbs such as turmeric, tamarind, pandanus, and various nutrient-rich flowers, gently and naturally restoring their freshness.

Simple Wisdom

The Beauty Secrets of Thai Skin

In ancient times, Thai people commonly combined turmeric with coconut oil, gently heating the mixture. Later, scientific studies revealed that turmeric contains Curcumin, a compound that dissolves well in oil. This ingredient helps to soothe skin inflammation, counteract signs of aging, and fade dark spots. It's no surprise that ancient Thai individuals had such radiant, youthful, and moisturized skin.

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