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Organic Mountain
By Phutawan

From the wonder of the high mountains that sway back and forth in the wind, drenched in shining sun, shrouded with the morning mist, and the charming way of life of people who call the mountains home, “Phutawan” was born more than 20 years ago. Today, we want to give back to the mountainous regions of Thailand by finding ways to create a more sustainable quality of life and society.

Chatchai Wongmanarojsri

Connecting people
We believe that nature has the power to bring people together as one. To reach this goal together and create a better society for all.

อินทรี (ย์)


Mae Hong Son

Province that has the lowest per-capita income in Thailand

Mae Hong Son Province, in Northern Thailand, where we take the name “Phutawan.” This area is extraordinarily rich in natural resources and a place where many ethnic groups work and live together harmoniously.
For this reason, we strive to give back to Mae Hong Son Province in any way that we can.
After much research and meetings with the hill tribe farmers, a collective of farmers who cultivate organic agriculture was formed, the Kased Yim Organic Group.

Kased Yim Organic Group

Happiness in ethnic diversity

Kased Yim Organic Group recognizes the need stop chemical cultivation and turned to organic farming to improve the quality of life of hill tribe people, to make the environment they live in safter and healthier.

Red Lemongrass

The secret of the mountains in Mae La Noi

Red lemongrass is carefully planted and cared for by the Agriculture Smiling Organic Group, which plants in Mae Hong Son, an area with very pure water and high-quality soil.
The lemongrass is able to absorb the rich minerals from the land, giving it a unique character, including a strong aroma, a high concentration of oil, and most importantly, organic.
These properties make it perfect for development of our high-quality skin care products.

Plantation of happiness to share

Phutawan collaborated with the Kased Yim Organic Group to support the cultivation of organic, raw materials from the mountain villagers’, helping them to produce this valuable product. This unique lemongrass, grown in our own organic red lemongrass plots, is then used in the production of our Intree products.

Plantation of happiness to share

By purchasing this organic red lemongrass oil, we help support the essential oil distilling done by the Kased Yim Organic Group.
Therefore, we do not just buy raw materials, but also help expand the farmers’ ability to produce and sell the processed final product.

From the mountains to our valued customers.

Mon Rose

Queen on the Ban

Huai Rin Mountain Chiang Mai

Mon Rose is considered the “Queen of Flowers” in the Mountains and grows best in Northern Thailand. This variety of rose was bestowed by King Rama IX to the hill tribes to stop them from growing opium.
To ensure the highest quality flower, farmers care for their roses from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m. by hand, so as not to bruise the roses and allow for the highest quantity of oil output.
Rosa Polyphenals is an extremely valuable substance extracted from the roses that produces antioxidant effects to slow the degeneration of skin cells, as well as to restore and rejuvenate and the skin, leaving it healthier and younger-looking.

Help us
Create a safer
and better society

with products produced organically in the mountains of Northern Thailand. Organic properties on the mountain help to promote the organic products produced by the hill tribes, which are safer and better for our customers.


Every time you use our products, you can rest assured that they are biodegradable, reducing harm to the environment and our planet.

5% of the profits

go back to promoting organic farming practices in the highest mountains of Thailand. This helps to promote occupational security, preserving their traditional way of life, while providing our customers with safe and high-quality products, and ultimately aiming to create a more organic society and sustainable coexistence.
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